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Get unforgettable experience with unforgettable music, exhilarating choreography and stunning artistry of The Lion King by Disney. So, it’s right the time to join Broadway’s award–winning Best Musical.

An adaptation of The Lion King (1994), the Academy Award-Winning Disney film, is a lively performed story about a young lion prince who lives in a prosperous African Pride Lands. The lion was born in the royal family, the cub Simba explores extended savanna grasslands and idolizes his kingly father. Mufasa, at this time, youthfully shirks the obligations and responsibilities his life position requires. Once an unthinkable tragedy happens – Simba’s wicked uncle, Scar, kills his father, Simba leaves the Pride Land, his life and his loss behind. Eventually being accompanied by tow unlikely and hilarious, Simba starts a new life. But when a desperate plea of the devastated Pride Lands and the weight of responsibility come to search for the adult prince, Simba has to take on a redoubled enemy and accept his destiny to become a king. The Lion King is an exciting and vibrant tale from incredible creatives at Disney that serves a story of redemption and love nobody should miss.


  • The breathtaking lively Broadway adaptation of the top Disney’s cartoon is an impressive theatre classic.
  • Praise-inspiring! Broadway Theater is alive. The creative ideals of [Julie] Taymor imaginative seem limitless. It’s a gasp-inducing, gorgeous spectacle. What is the most important – it definitely has innocence. The performance appeals to our childlike, primal excitement and interest in the theatre power to make us notice things afresh.
  • The staging of The Lion King by Disney is Julie Taymor’s marvelous theatrical achievement unsurpassed in its brains, beauty and ingenuity. Leaping beyond its celluloid animation, the live version boosts almost all the aspects of the 1994 animated hit, starting from visual artistry, storytelling to Lebo M’s score and up to Tim Rice and Elton John’s newly African-ized pop songs.
  • An impressive, exciting, magnificent spectacle. Playhouse and the whole show are enchanting. The unparalleled production is worth its price. If the idea of theme park belongs to Disney, we are delighted to review that the theme is the synonym for quality.

What Does The Lion King Looks Like?

The Lion King is a unique show that features unforgettable tunes, primal African rhythms and a breathtaking display of exotic, wild African life brought onstage. There were too many good reasons for The Lion King to win half a dozen Tony Awards (1998). Countless visual surprises and intense physical stage work keep your attention from the beginning till the end of the story.

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