Jersey Boys Broadway Tickets

Jersey Boys Broadway

Jersey Boys Broadway: Outstanding Combination of Great Music and Real Story

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This is the story of Frankie Valli and the group The Four Seasons. The audience of this show will be able to see how usual guys from New Jersey became pop superstars.

Jersey Boys is a bibliographical musical about of the musical group The Four Seasons. The friends of the group in this story experience various situations and feelings, including the rise, personal clashes, tough times and ultimate triumph. The musical does include great musical compositions, like the popular
songbook of the Four Seasons, but it is mainly about the relationships in the group with the main focus on Frankie Valli, frontman. The story describes how friends’ allegiance to a code of honor that they learned in New Jersey’s streets helped them overcome many various challenges, including Mafia threats, gambling debts, and family disasters. Jersey Boys is a glimpse behind the sound that has endured in the hearts of the audience for more than 40 years. Jersey Boys


  • This musical is really a winner! Outstanding actors and fantastic music!
  • The music is hard to forget!
  • This musical offers unstoppable energy!

What Is Jersey Boys Like?

Jersey Boys, slickly produced and fast-paced, appeals to the fans of the group the Four Seasons as well as those who are less familiar with the group’s hits. Unlike most other musicals, Jersey Boys is focused on storytelling, which gives it a universal appeal.

Is Jersey Boys Suitable for Kids?

Jersey Boys is a great show for younger audiences, but not for kids. Children will not follow the heavy nostalgia factor. There is also some sexual innuendo, for instance, “Oh, What a Night!” The story includes infidelity and death of a child (offstage), and some other moments undesirable for kids. Since the story is about four tough guys touring from one concert to another, the audience should expect to see relevant behavior that may not be something to show to kids.

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