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Winner Of The 2016 Tony Award For Best Play. The Humans Musical!

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The family comedy of Stephen Karam is full of heart, horrors and hilarity.
After one sleepless night, the whole Mr. Blake’s family heads from Pennsylvania to the new apartment of his daughter for Thanksgiving celebration.  

Once the night falls outside the tiny pre-war duplex, strange and mysterious things start rumbling in the darkness and family tensions get a boiling peak.


Mr. Karam’s drama seems to be one of the top plays on the Broadway this season. Additionally, the play has been impressively transferred from off Broadway.

However, it is still the best human performance I have ever seen telling about disappointment, fear and the attachments that exceed them.

It is difficult to recollect another play, which has described these life realities of the ordinary America — that distant country Broadway frequently chooses to ignore on behalf of the bourgeois problems of the Upper Sides — with an unparalleled compassion.

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