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Book of Mormon on Broadway – New Seats Released for 2017‎

Book Of Mormon Tickets – (2017 Tickets On Sale Now)

“The best musical of the century”, as called by The New York Times. Besides, the Washington Post claims “It is the type of evening that restores the faith in musicals”. At the same time, Entertainment Weekly proves, “Grade A: the cutest musical of all time”. The performance gained the appreciation of Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show, who calls it “Brilliant. Phenomenal. Genius”. These words are about The Book of Mormon that has gained Tony Award Best Musical for nine times.

Reviews of the Book of Mormon

A fantastic, quite perfect Broadway musical, which is not only grounded on genuine love and understanding of the customs that make a Broadway extraordinary, but also full of love for the very mortal, flawed characters who live in this romp.

Stone and Parker have designed one of the freshest unique musicals in late memory. It has clever lyrics, winning characters, tuneful songs, disarmingly intimate moments and explosive laughs.

I am here to say that an infant, pleasure-giving, old-fashioned musical has come to the Eugene O’Neill Theater, the type grandparents told us left them walking on air if not on the water. Ben Brantley, the New York Times


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