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Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

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An encouraging and impressive true story of the way Carole King came to become a soundtrack of the generation.

An incredible life of one of the leading pop music songwriters and performers deserves the center place in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. The performance starts right before Brooklyn resident Carol Klein writes her first hit in 1959 calling it “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”. The first song was written by a 17-year-old lady, married to a 20-year-old Gerru Goffin and being currently pregnant. In the following decade, Goffin and King create a string of classic tracks while making a durable friendship with another talented couple, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. When the personal life of Carole starts falling apart, she appears from the shadows with a new collection Tapestry, a greatly personal range of songs which form one of the most popular and best-selling albums at that time.


‘Beautiful’ is a joyful celebration! Well-crafted, funny and smart book of Douglas McGrath creatively threads together an inerasable range of early rock hits.

Fans of Carole King will surely love and appreciate it! With Marc Bruni’s direction and Josh Prince’s choreography, the hits slip seamlessly on the grid set of Derek McLane – from dull office to bright concert stage.

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical as It Is

A treasure collection of breathtaking music is combined with an encouraging story where heroine emerges triumphant. The album showcases classic music hits including “Up on the Roof”, “Natural Woman”, “You’ve Got a Friend” and “Take Good Care of My Baby”. However, it is not a glorified show: hits are performed in theatrical context which helps illuminate the way Carole passed from shy teenager up to a loving wife, caring mother and international star. Douglas McGrath, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter, emphasizes the friendship of Goffin, Weil, Mann and King in his funny libretto. You should not be a fan of Carole King to enjoy Beautiful, though you’ll definitely leave the theater with appreciation of a woman, as well as her accomplishments.    

  • Can Beautiful: The Carole King Musical Be Shown to Children?

Beautiful is allowed for the whole family, though very young kids won’t be interested in the biography of 1950s like this. The performance suits the most for pop music lovers of 10+.

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